What is Way4Pay?

Way4Pay is a advanced cashless bank payment system for mobile payments. It spreads bank payments into new fields minimizing the costs of payment as well as costs to equip the sales point.
It is integrated into the environment of the participating bank and fully utilizes the existing infrastructure of interbank payments.
As a part of merchant systems it offers a new mean for payment for goods and services as well provides a wholly new dimension of sales "anywhere" at much lower cost.
It is a comprehensive solution covering all the aspect for the payment cycle in the extent currently viable only by cash.
An open architecture allows to add new applications or integrate the Way4Pay system with existing solutions.

Why Way4Pay ?

The motivation for creating Way4Pay is in spreading cashless bank payments into new fields, especially into small and micro payments on the spot, where the service or delivery of good is provided without the necessity to equip it with expensive payment devices. It minimizes the need for cash as well as for costly maitenance of distributed payment devices.

Way4Pay provides:

Simple and safe payments

using smartphones and communication using NFC, QR codes, Pick Up Codes, e-mail or SMS

New possibilities

for cashless payments along with new oportunities for new businesses

Easy administration


with existing systems

High security

thanks to use of payment device that never leaves the payer's hand as well as excludes the passing of any physical objects.

Space for innovations

and spreading new ideas