is more than a payment system.
It consists of many supporting applications for distant sales of goods and services which enable to sell almost anywhere.

The acceptance of credit cards for small or micro paymets is expensive for a merchant. Merchants with small revenues are often forced to purchase expensive card payment terminals. Cash on the other side requires the presence of an employee or expensive equipment for accepting and processing cash. Way4Pay offers an affordable alternative to cash or card payments.

What are the benefits for a merchant to introduce Way4Pay into his business?

  • The possibility to easy introduce paid services
  • The possibility to easy create new sales-points
  • A significant cost reduction for equipment of a sales-point
  • Reduction of the cost of a payment
  • Reduction of costs for cash processing
  • Possibility to deliver electronic goods as tickets or vouchers
  • The delivery vs. payment option to increase confidence of the customers
  • The possibility to use electronic invoices to cut the costs of distribution and processing
  • The easy integration of the payment system with the business and account keeping system of the merchant
  • The support of loyality programs and other marketing activities

How to use Way4Pay in my business?

Using Way4Pay it is possible to pay for any goods. Way4Pay may serve as an alternative option for cash and card payments. However the potential of Way4Pay is much wider. Below are some examples, where a mobile payments advantages prevail over any existing way of payments.
Possible uses:

  • Parking fees
  • Tickets for sport and cultural events
  • Tolls and fees
  • Vouchers for goods or services of any kind
  • Discount vouchers
  • Secure payments in internet shops
  • Traveling tickets and seat reservations
  • Common payments at the cash desk
  • Purchases from bilboard or television
  • Cashless payments in automated vending machines
  • Donations

How to integrate Way4Pay into my business?

The only what a merchant needs to start with accepting simple Way4Pay payments is to have an account at any bank and a Way4Pay Mobile App installed into his or her smartphone connected to the internet. The functionality of the Mobile App serves as a terminal for mobile payments - creation of bills, transmitting bills to the payer's, receiving payments and payments confirmations.
In the case of distance selling to increase security for customers as well as the merchant (preventing other persons to issue bills in the merchant's name) he has to register with the Merchant Registry. The registration is free.
In the case the merchant does not dispose of an own information system or he just starts to sell some goods or services, he has the possibility to configure his merchant solution in the application Solution4Merchant, where he can choose some of several ready made use cases, setup the parameters according to his needs and combine it with the modes of payment.
In the case the merchant operates a business system, he will have to integrate it with the Solution4Merchants Components. It requires e.g to integrate support for NFC communication into the cash desks or to enable to display and read QR codes.
In the case of complex operated systems the integration is case by case.

Communication between the merchant and the payer

State of the art smartphones are capable of communicating by any of the following means:
QR code
Pickup code
Web browser
* SMS is assumend only as backup in case of unavailability of the other options.

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