merges the advantages of internet banking with the advantages of payment cards,
without requiring the expensive authorization thanks to use of safe communication and computing capacity of smartphones.

Way4Pay allows easy integration into the bank environment.
It uses the existing bank and inter-bank payment infrastructure for settlement of payments in the case the payer and the receiver of the payment are not clients of the same bank. Way4Pay enables independent operation in any bank, however aliances of banks for operating Way4Pay are optional. It is not dependent on other banks, nor on other entities as card companies or telecommunication operators. On the other hand, in the world of mobile payments, where the payment solution represents the core of a merchant's business system, the bank as a Way4Pay operator becomes a crucial part of the merchants business.

What are the benefits of Way4Pay for a bank?

  • Cutting costs on payments by reducing the costs for authorization of payments by a 3rd party. It enables to realize cost effectively also payments of small or micro amounts and promises to spread bank payments into areas currently dominated by cash.
  • Creating new oportunities for bank payments new source of revenues will emerge.
  • Offering of complex mobile payment solutions for merchants represents new added value bank services.
  • The flexibility of Way4Pay enables to create product packages with existing products of the bank.
  • The possibility to offer a debit, prepaid or credit card type payment solution for mobile payments.
  • Easy administration.
  • Integrability with existing systems.
  • The system is not dependent on a mobile phone operator.
  • Increased security compared to payment cards, protection of clients and last but not least the decrease of compliance costs.

How to integrate Way4Pay into a bank?

To become a Way4Pay operator requires the implementation of the Solution4Clearing component into the bank information system. Solution4Clear in addition to other functions plays the role of the interface between the Way4Pay mobile payment world and the systems of the bank.

According to the bank's business strategy the bank decides about the way of integration of Way4Pay into the bank considering e.g. the following issues:
  • What will the product to the payers - the mobile debit, prepaid or credit card,
  • How to integrate Way4Pay into the product portfolio of the bank,
  • How to market Way4Pay among the clients of the bank or use it for attracting new ones,
  • the way of registration of the clients and their payment devices - smarthphones,

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