Way4Pay is composed of the following components

Mobile App - The component on the payer's side
Solution4Merchant  The application for support of mobile payments on the side of the merchant
Solution4Clear  The back end system of the payments on the Bank's side
Merchant Registry - A system integration component

Mobile App

Installed into smartphone it represents the payment device in the payer's hand. Uses available function as well as interfaces of smarthphones. The potential user downloads the application and registers at any participating bank.

  • Receives bills from merchants.
  • Allows to select the account for settlement of a payment.
  • Provides functionality for approving the bills.
  • Transmitts the payments to merchants or the bank.
  • Receives and stores electronic goods.
  • Synchronizes data with the bank, provides lists of bills and payments.
  • As it allows to create a bill manually - it serves as a minimal version of a merchant solution.
  • Supports multichannel communication for receiving bills and transmitting payments.

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Application on the merchant's side, serves for the support of merchants participating in the Way4Pay payments system.
Solution4Merchant provides:
  • Administration of offered products and services by merchants
  • Contains functionality for configuration of products, billing methods, payment methods and billing and rating modules
  • Provides data for bill generation
  • Generates electronic goods (tickets, vouchers...)
  • Provides functionality for electronic goods management e.g. validity checks, invalidation


The component for integration of Way4Pay payments into the bank environment:
  • The subsystem is installed at the participating bank
  • Provides for communication with mobile payment devices
  • Provides for processing and storing of instructions and data created by applications in the mobile devices of payers
  • Authorization of Way4Pay payments and management of authorization devices
  • Notifies the payment receivers on authorized payments

Solution4Clear provides also selection of functionalities of a bank core system:
  • Clients Administration
  • Administration of Way4Pay client accounts
  • Mobile payments services management e.g. support for debit, prepaid or credit type style of accounts for mobile payments
  • Administration and processing of Way4Pay payments
  • Clearing of payments

Merchant Registry

Merchant registry is the central integration component for the Way4Pay system of mobile payments. It centralizes selected functions to enable independent operation of banks participating in the Way4Pay system and provides several mainly safety functions.
  • Registers merchants accepting Way4Pay payments
  • Verifies the merchants registration to prevent frauds in the system
  • Provides additional centraly operated services:
  • Pick Up Code service
  • SMS service
  • Delivery vs Payment (DvP) service