How it works? - An Example: Parking fee payment


Step 1

Using his or her smartphone the buyer displays the product information. The Mobile App opens the link submitted to the smartphone by reading NFC tag or QR code displayed at the sales spot.

Step 2

The buyer specifies the product from the offered options and provides required information e.g. license plate number. By submitting the request, the bill is generated by the merchant's application and submitted to the buyer's smarthphone.

Step 3

The buyer displays the received bill, approves the payment and transmitts it to the bank.

Step 4

The bank checks the received payment instruction against the Merchant Registry data and the account data of the payer and if satisfied, the bank authorizes the payment (the Solution4clear functionality). The merchant is notified and subsequently the merchant system issues and transmitts the confirmation to the buyer's smartphone. The buyes can use the confirmation in case of inspection.

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